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    Default Scam Alert: Tradekey, Alibaba, and Global Sources

    When i first started trying to make money online i went to a website called Tradekey to find products that i could sell on a website. I found a supplier on Tradekey with very good proported reccomendation's and a Gold Key Member. I put their products on my site, got about 40k in orders and placed my first order with this supplier. Well a week later my customers got a box with post-it notes, needless to say i got scammed and it cost me big time. That experience made me really evaluate how to find products to sell online. The only place to find verified manufacturers is the US Embassy Trade Association. It's very expensive to join but it is very much worth it. All the product supplier websites like Tradekey, Alibaba, Doba, and Global sources are very risky and are full of fraudster's who's only goal is to rip you off. After i became a member of the association i created several websites which all make very good money now. One makes over 100k a month and another makes 18k a month all of which i can easily verify. I am telling everyone this as i dont want others to fall for these scam sites and loose their money like i did. Feel free to email me if you want or need any advice. Thanks

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