hello guy's my name is gaga i need help with removing ink from money

orders and checks if any one can help me pl email or Im me i have only

a matter of days left before i'm evicted from my home so i must figure

this out, also i have something to trade fargo id printer and the smart

card, plus holo stamper for master card and visa i have the die's new

never used still in the box.the fargo printer is not new i bough this

off ebay with the smart card. i bough all this stuff two three yrs ago.

email or im me if you can help or a complete list of what i have, how

can i sell this stuff? who would send me money? without seeing the

stuff first, nobody so really i'm just hoping somebody will help me. i

have been ripped so much until i have given up trying to buy ***** and

credit card info in these forums and website i give i will never be a

carder because when i do get money i will never send another dime to

these so call carders/rippers who just take your money. i have lost a

lot of money. well by guy's i wish you the [email protected]

Im;gag.4444 or iqc;550769871 thanks gaga