Do you like watching videos? Why not get paid to? A new program named Varolo is going to do just that. Varolo is going to pay its viewers to watch videos and advertisements. Unfortunatley, Varolo has not launched yet, BUT good thing for you, its in pre-registration! Which means you can be one of the first to try it once it launches thus being one of the first to reap the benefits! So there are two ways to earn. One is by possibly winning the weekly jackpot. Every video you watch counts as a point or raffle towards the weekly jackpot. The second way to earn is by getting payed a portion of what your referrals earn. Unlike many other programs, Varolo has four levels of referrals instead of one level because they really encourage you to make a Varolo community (your referrals). So instead of you getting credit for people you directly invite you get credit four levels deep. Meaning if you invite your friend Matt (1st level), Matt invites his cousin Jimmy (2nd level), Jimmy invites his girl friend Taylor (3rd level), and Taylor invites her uncle Charlie (4th level), you get a percentage of what all of them make including your friend's cousin's girl friend's uncle. This makes getting large amounts of referrals EASY! If you invite 10 people (10 people in 1st level), they invite 10 people (100 people in 2nd level), they invite 10 people (1000 people in 3rd level), and then they invite 10 people (10,000 people in 4th level), then that means you have 11,110 referrals! If you have over 500 (referrals) in your Varolo community, you will get access to 5th level referrals. So if the 10,000 people in your 4th level invite 10 people you will have 100,000 in your 5th level referrals, meaning you will have a total of 111,110 referrals! You earn 8% of what your 1st level referrals make, 6% of 2nd level, 4% of 3rd level, 2% of 4th level, and 1% of 5th level if you have access. Varolo estimates that you would make an average of $1530 a month with 11,110 referrals at the MINIMUM ad price! Meaning that if there are ads that pay more money than the minimum, you will get MORE than $1530 a month!

I really suggest joining the program now if your interested so you have the time to get a lot of referrals and make a HUGE Varolo community before Varolo launches! You really CAN do this!
Click here to JOIN Varolo!
You'll be glad you did!

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to comment! I will respond!